Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have made special arrangements for getting and renewing driver’s licenses and identification cards. If your license or ID has expired since March or is coming up for renewal, select your state from our list to see what the current extension is. Note: a few states are no longer offering extensions.

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Operations have returned to normal at ALEA Driver License offices, using social distancing, PPE, temperature checks, appointments and curbside check-in. 60-day grace period following expiration date (Code of Alabama, Title 32-6-1).


Any driver’s licenses expiring between 3/1 – 9/1 will have an extended expiration date of 6 months past expiration.


Drivers 70 years old and older with a license expiring 3/1 – 12/31 will receive a 1-year extension. Drivers under 70 years old with a license expired 3/1 – 5/31 will have an extended expiration date of 7/31. Suspended licenses are not eligible. Temp waiving in-person renewals for driver’s licenses and ID cards with expirations of 3/1 – 7/31. Learner permits expiring between 3/1 – 8/31 will be extended 6 months, or 24 months from date of application (whichever is earlier).


All credentials expiring from March – June have received an automatic 60-day extension. Residents 65 years old and older AND 21 years old and younger can renew their driver license online. Cannot issue new DL’s, ID’s or permits.


Most Georgia driver’s licenses and ID cards with an expiration date between 3/14 – 6/30 received a 120-day extension. DDS is providing all issuance services, either online or in the Customer Service Centers (CSC). In the CSC, social distancing and CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines are practiced.


All expired licenses and ID cards through 7/31 are valid until 11/1. There is now a driver’s license/ID card preregistration application available to reduce processing time. Skills testing has resumed as normal.


All expired licenses, permits and ID cards had to be renewed by 6/30. All customers who can renew their driver’s license/ID outside of a branch are being asked to do so. Administrative penalty fees for expired driver’s licenses, registrations, titles, etc. are being reinstated beginning 7/1 after being waived since 3/13.


Drivers under 65 years old are permitted to use online renewal system until 7/31. Driver’s licenses and ID cards with expiration dates of 3/12 – 9/15 for those who are unable to renew at a state driver’s license office are extended. The deadline for such is 12/31. All extended driver’s license and ID cards must be completed by 12/31.


The 90-day expiration date extension for driver’s licenses and IDs ended on 7/7. Circuit Court Clerks may continue providing certain driver’s license services remotely under the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s official order 112228. For those who are eligible, the remote renewal process has been extended through 9/30/2020.


Driver’s licenses which expired between 3/9 – 5/10 were extended to 5/20. Temporary driver’s licenses which expired between 3/9 – 5/10 were extended to 6/9. Late fees were suspended through 5/20.


All valid driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and ID cards that expired between 3/14 – 6/30 are extended to 8/3. Starting 6/8, DPS will provide limited services at all permanent driver license stations.


Driver’s licenses that expired between 3/1 – 4/30 were extended 60 days. Extension did not apply to those with lawful status end date the same as expiration date. Extension did not waive mandatory retesting for license expired more than 184 days. Those needing medical review were granted 60-day extension.


Driver’s licenses expiring during the emergency shall remain valid until 90 days after the declared emergency ends or 12/1, whichever is sooner.


Drivers and ID card holders are allowed to renew/replace online or by mail if their previous renewal/replacement was done in-person. 30-day extension for all class D driver’s licenses, commercial licenses, and handicap permits that expired 30 days prior to the Governor’s executive order notice. All extended expiration dates of class D driver’s licenses, state issued ID cards, handicap placards, commercial licenses and commercial learner permits were considered expired after 6/30.


Driver’s licenses, photo ID cards and learner’s permits with expiration dates between 3/16 – 4/30 were extended through 6/30.

South Carolina

Driver’s licenses and identification cards that expired from 3/1 – 6/30 were considered valid through 6/30 and expired as of 7/1.


All Class D, M, PD, PM, ID licenses and handgun permits that expired between 3/12 – 6/29 have had their expirations extended to 11/15. This does not apply to an individual with a Class X license. Anyone whose license expires after 7/1 or later will expire on their current expiration date. Any new resident to Tennessee who established residency on or after 6/1 is required to comply with the 30-day statutory requirement to obtain a Tennessee license. New Tennessee residents and new drivers should complete the Driver’s License Application in the e-Services before visiting a Driver Services Center. Non-US citizens with a temporary driver’s license or temporary photo identification license (Class XD and XID) will still need to visit in-person to renew those licenses upon expiration of the current license.


Extensions granted for all card types for 60 days after state of disaster has ended.


Driver’s licenses and identifications that expire on or before 7/31 are extended 180 days but not to exceed 10/31. Driver’s license and identification card renewals, duplicates and replacements can be processed via mail/online.