SafeAuto Insurance Partners With Michael Redd Foundation

October 22, 2009
Columbus, OH - SafeAuto is pleased to announce a new partnership with Michael Redd and the Michael Redd Foundation. Michael Redd has been designated a safety spokesperson for SafeAuto to help spread the word on ways to "Play It Safe." In return, SafeAuto will be a proud supporter of the Michael Redd Foundation.

Redd's new joint venture with SafeAuto will include taking part in both television advertisements as well as other promotional and community outreach campaigns. Michael Redd's outstanding career contributions to the community made him an easy choice and a great fit as spokesperson for SafeAuto.

In his new role, Redd will become a primary spokesperson supporting SafeAuto's message to "Play it Safe." SafeAuto has been encouraging drivers to "Play It Safe" for years by being insured so they don't lose the privilege of driving and paying attention to the auto and traffic safety issues such as not texting while driving. Redd will be promoting and expanding the "Play it Safe" theme through his continued participation in various youth programs.

"We are pleased to welcome Michael Redd as our new spokesperson in supporting the SafeAuto brand and the important message to always 'Play it Safe,'" said Jon Diamond, president of SafeAuto. "Redd has demonstrated a commitment towards advancing the lives of today's youth which makes him the perfect advocate to drive home SafeAuto's important message to 'Play it Safe.' We are very pleased to be affiliated with Michael and his Foundation."

The new safety campaigns will complement SafeAuto's Justin Case and the Rocket Scientist campaigns along with the Michael Redd Foundation initiatives.

About the Michael Redd Foundation

The former Ohio State University, NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist in Beijing founded the Michael Redd foundation with his wife Achea in 2006. Achea Redd is also an accomplished public speaker and educator. The foundation works with individuals, government bodies and other non-profits to support a wide variety of initiatives that focus on young people at risk of missing opportunities for personal achievement due to lack of access to resources or to negative influences.

The Michael Redd Foundation works to assist young people in many areas including literacy and anti-truancy programs to personal finance and life-skills training. The foundation addresses these issues by investing in programs that provide not only intervention, but inspiration and influence. By introducing positive role models to schools, the Foundation encourages students to view themselves differently and to set achievable, yet inspirational goals for themselves and their families. To learn more about the Michael Redd Foundation go to

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