Play It Safe Rewards® For SafeAuto Insurance Kicks Off In Ohio

Safe Auto Insurance Company wants to reward customers for their loyalty.

July 11, 2013

Columbus, Ohio—SafeAuto Insurance wants to reward customers for their loyalty. SafeAuto policyholders in Ohio could be eligible to win $5,000 just for sticking around with the leader in state minimum auto insurance. The affordable car insurance company developed Play It Safe Rewards® to reward customers for their commitment to driving insured.

If a policyholder in Ohio stays with SafeAuto for just 90 days, they could win the $1,000 “Silver Reward.” If they stick for 180 days, they could win the $5,000 “Gold Reward!” The longer a person stays, the more opportunities they have to win! Drawings will be held throughout the year to select the lucky winners.

“This type of reward is brand new to the car insurance industry,” stated Charlie Kordes, Vice President of Customer Demand and Experience. “The bottom line is that our new and existing policyholders are going to be rewarded the longer they stay with SafeAuto. This makes everyone at the company very excited!”

The first drawing will take place on July 21st, 2013. Customers can discover whether or not they are eligible for the “Gold Reward” and “Silver Reward” drawings by visiting

“We can’t wait to hear about the reaction when one of our policyholders finds out they won $5,000,” stated Kordes. “We guarantee that signing up for car insurance has never been this fun!”

Play It Safe Rewards® (Patent Pending) is presently available only to Ohio policyholders.

About SafeAuto

Safe Auto Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance carrier based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1993, the company today is licensed in 19 states and employs nearly 1,000 associates in 4 offices around the country, with annual revenues topping $300 million. SafeAuto provides the state minimum insurance coverage to automobile drivers in 16 states including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas and Virginia and Texas.